Biometric Attendance & Time System

Barcode Vault Biometric Attendance & Time System

Barcode Vault is the New Delhi; Dwarka based company which was established in 1997. Barcode Vault is a leading Indian company working in the field of advanced electronic Identification, Automation and Tracking Products & Services. Barcode Vault proved itself to be the pioneer and leader in providing solutions related to Attendance and Biometric Access Control. Our sole motto is to provide solutions according to the requirement of the clients. We incorporate the demands of the client according to their requirement, providing customer delight. We provide cost-effective solutions that are highly efficient, which help our clients to reduce the administrative cost. To achieve this objective, we have set strict parameters of checking quality, and efficiency of our products. Each product is checked at each stage of production and we source our raw materials from reliable vendors. These all merits allow us to deliver top quality services among our existing and new clients. We have a healthy relationship with the clients, vendors and other business organization to run our business smoothly and perfectly. Apart from that our products have so many qualities like long life, extra ordinary efficiency, economic price, excellent designing, latest technology and many more. All the qualities of our products are different and superior which make us clients first choice.

Barcode Vault Biometric Attendance (Classic Model)

Experience the new world of biometrics with Classic Model, which is exquisitely made to serve your purpose of attendance system and access control. Made with latest technological array including unmatchable features make it a perfect solution. The Classic Model has the recording capacity of 65,000 records with up to 9,560 finger templates (that can be extended up to 25,000 for 1:1 matching). It can be installed in any kind of set-up where you want to maintain the attendance records of employees. It can be linked with software that also helps you to manage the payroll and other management systems. Featuring a 16 characters x 2 rows of display, which show the details of the employee during punching. This device runs on multi-operational modes like only finger, card with password or pin with password or password. Later, the data can be grabbed through this device with a simple click of mouse connecting to the TCP/IP through Ethernet. Its multiple connectivity modes helps the user to get the data, this feature makes it more versatile to be used. Additionally, any kind of customization can be done to serve the purpose of clients.

Barcode Vault Biometric Attendance (Bio Star)

Another masterpiece from Barcode Vault in the field of bio-metrics and access control to manage the attendance of the employee, Bio Star-09 is full of unmatchable features that you are looking for. The Bio Star-09 comes in new and improved style with larger graphic LCD display to show the information of the employee. It has 5, 00,000 recording capacity with up to 9,560 finger print templates storage capacity. The Bio Star can be installed in any company or industry or factory to manage the attendance records of employees. The software linked with this device easily grabs the data and helps to keep updated record. The Bio-star-09 is featured with audio message in English or Hindi (as per you select) and visual message to confirm the punching status. In fact any other customized messages can be loaded from end user. The Bio Star-09 runs on multiple operational modes like finger print, card or PIN etc. This device can be connected through built-in TCP/IP over Ethernet & USB port for data transfer. Also, the Bio Star-09 can be customized according to your requirements


Barcode Vault Biometric Attendance (Bio Lynx)

Bio Lynx is another masterpiece from Barcode Vault that serve its purpose of attendance perfectly. It helps to manage the work force properly and allows you to have a look on the exact working time of employees. It features capacity storage of 5, 00,000 records while 9560 finger templates can be stored in it. For double layer security, an external color VGA camera interface can be connected through USB port. The Bio Lynx features multiple connectivity modes like RS-232, USB and TCP/IP; which allows the user to get the data easily on a single click of mouse. Useful for managing every purpose of workforce, Bio Lynx is perfect device helping you by increasing the productivity of your firm. This will reduce the probability of false attendance details. This device is versatile to be used at any kind of set-up and work place. As Bio Lynx can be connected through GPRS (through GSM or CDMA SIM connection) and Wi-Fi to transfer the data. You can use this device like School/College Attendance, School/College/Bus Tracking, Office Employee Attendance, and Access Control System Etc. This device comes with LCD that displays the details of the employees, while a voice message provides the confirmation about the attendance. Bio Lynx can also be customized according to the requirement of the client.



Barcode Vault Biometric Attendance (Bio Track)

Bio Track is one of the finest creations from Barcode Vault that helps you to streamline the workforce in your company or work set up. Packed with many features that makes it more reliable and versatile machine to be used for attendance system. The hand-held design of Bio Track makes it more useful at construction sites or some other places where attendance needs to be taken. This device features multiple connectivity modes like GRPS, Wi-fi or LAN. This device also uses data push technology that sends the data itself to the server, which helps a lot in managing the records. You can use this device like School/College Attendance, School/College/Bus Tracking, Office Employee Attendance, and Access Control System Etc. The TFT 3.2” touch screen of this device makes it easier to operate, while the battery allows it to be used even if there is power failure. It can store up to 9560 finger templates as it features 2GB SD memory card where as voice guide message confirms the status of attendance. The most interesting feature of Bio track is that it includes color VGA camera that helps to maintain double layer security.



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Barcode Vault (Head Office):-S-4, Plot No-7, Pocket-7, Pankaj Plaza,

Near Metro Station, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078(India).

Phone No: – +91-011-28032434, +91-011-46102688.

Email Id: –

Hand phone: – 09810822688, 09717122688.

Contact Person: – Mr. Gulshan Marwah. (Techno Sales Head)



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